Food of Ghosts (The Scottish Lady Detective: Book 1)

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DS Louisa Townsend has moved from Edinburgh to work for the Kiribati Police Service on Tarawa, a remote coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific. Locally she is known as the Scottish Detective Lady.

Louisa has been on Tarawa for six weeks when a man’s mutilated, naked body is found in the middle of the island. No one knows who he is or how he got there. Louisa is put in charge of identifying him and finding  his killer. She thinks it won’t take her long to get to the truth and make an arrest – the island is very small, after all.  But nothing is what it seems on Tarawa. With no forensics and no one telling the truth – and the bodies mounting up – Louisa couldn’t be more mistaken.

Food of Ghosts is the first book in the Scottish Detective Lady mystery series featuring Detective Louisa Townsend.

“Food of Ghosts is a stunning new crime novel by an exciting Scottish writer”

“Set against an exotic backdrop, this thriller has a complex heroine who’s as fragile as she is feisty – and who must tackle culture clashes and family ties as well as crime if she’s to survive…”



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