10th September, 2012: Stirling Off The Page Book Festival

Monday, 10th September, Stirling Off  The Page Book Festival 2012

The event at Doune Library, Stirling at 7.00 pm, part of the wonderful Stirling Off  The Page Book Festival 2012 , was sold out – in fact, it was more than sold out because extra people turned up on the night and the kind library people let them stay. It was a great night, with great questions from the audience. I had a lovely time – and from the feedback the audience did too :)




“I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss-you can’t do it alone.”

John Cheever


4 Responses to 10th September, 2012: Stirling Off The Page Book Festival

  1. Jean Thewlis says:

    Hello Marianne,
    I learned about your book as a result of joining one of your on-line writing classes. I read it avidly and recommended it to my book group who were likewise enthralled by it. We all live in Callander and are really looking forward to meeting you. I have tried to find material for book group discussions about your book, but so far haven’t found one. However, meeting you I am sure will provide limitless chances for discussion. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Cheers, Jean T.

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Hi Jean
      thanks so much for your lovely message! I remember you joining the classes and thank you for recommending The Blue Suitcase to your book group. Tomorrow I’ll give you more of the background behind the writing of The Blue Suitcase! Looking forward to the discussion that will follow and all your questions – and to meeting you and the rest of the group ;o)

  2. Jean Thewlis says:

    Well! That was really enthralling. Thank you so much for this evening. My book group was delighted, but then so was everyone! Lovely to meet you and look forward to ‘food of ghosts’. Cheers, Jean

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Thanks, Jean, so glad you enjoyed the evening and lovely to meet you too :)
      I had a lovely time and look forward to doing it again with Food of Ghosts – ands incredible to have got so many people into that space ;o)

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