The worm has turned ;o)

When I set out on this writing path some nine years or so ago, a writer’s writing future lay in the lap of an agent or publisher. Those writers lucky enough to have an agent/publisher did what they were told. Those writers who did not have an agent or publisher had literally no hope of a writing future. The road to becoming a published writer wasn’t just rocky it was full of great big potholes!

A couple of days ago I went to the Society of Authors in Scotland conference, held here in Edinburgh (my first conference in years). A big focus of the day was on e-publishing. A host of excellent writers like Sara SheridenAllan Guthrie Nicola Morgan, Keith Charters and Lin Anderson shared their positive and very successful experiences of going down the  e-publishing route alone. It was uplifting, not unlike the cheesy song ‘sisters are doing it for them selves‘ – apologies to Allan Guthrie and Keith Charters ;o). That’s not to say any of these speakers suggested it was easy-peasy. Far from it. Getting your e-book onto e-sales sites like Amazon and Smashwords and Goodreads is one thing, getting readers to find them and buy them is altogether something else but it is do-able, and if you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that The Blue Suitcase has reached the dizzy heights of no 20 in Amazon top 100 books for family sagas (and if ordinary writers like me can do it, so can you!). No one’s ruling out traditional printing it’s simply there are new genuine opportunities to get your writing out there that never existed before. This is not about vanity. This is about a writer taking control of her writing future; it’s about no longer having to wait for a complete stranger to grant you permission to be a writer. The worm has turned – well, at least this one has 🙂

(In sharp contrast to the upbeat attitude of the writers at the conference, the invited representatives from the agent and publishing world, seemed a tad glum, or did I imagine that?)

For far more details (and pics!) on the conference click to the Book Rambler’s excellent blog  bookrambler blog


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