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swimmer In the olden days

In another life I was a successful marketing manager – I even have a degree on the subject. So, when my first book, The Blue Suitcase, was published a couple of years ago,  I was not daunted by the thought of marketing it. Far from it. It seemed as easy as floating on water. And I certainly didn’t think I needed to use social media to help me – I’m sort of old school when it comes to technology. This is still my phone today. You get the picture?



I only realised how wrong I was when my techie son insisted I set up a twitter account and blog and I saw both paperback and ebook sales soar. I’ve been blogging and tweeting every since and, until recently, I even thought I was quite good at it. But that was the voice of ignorance and before I discovered the wonderful blogs by the super blogger, editor and writer Belinda Pollard and the excellent writer and blogger Molly Greene.

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blog it

The future

I now realise I have merely been dipping my big toe in the social media pool. There is a whole lot of stuff  I could be doing to market my books and my time better – as anyone who has a blog will tell you, keeping a blog can suck the creative life blood out of you, if you let it!

So, I’ve made a decision! In the run up to the launch of my new novel, Killer Shoeshine, I am going to plunge into the deep end of the social media pool and make some changes here.

Change number one

One of the first things I’m going to try and do is make a new landing page for my blog and  book/s. I read an excellent piece about landing pages in Belinda’s helpful blog post: 2 enduring, low-cost, book marketing tactics.  And if you are looking for strategies to help you market your book/s,  my top tip is to follow Belinda’s and Molly’s blogs! (Molly even has a great book on blogging called Blog It).

Mistakes will be made

Of course, mistakes will be made. Especially as the techie son who helps me with all this stuff  is away on his travels! But, mistakes or not, sink or swim, this neo-luddite is moving on 😉

So, what about you? Do you embrace social media or do you run from it?  Do you think writers can be successful without using social media? Do you have a book marketing tip of your own? Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear them, so do please leave a comment 🙂


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16 Responses to My top book marketing tip …

  1. Isobelle Lauder says:

    I am terrified of social media – Twitter and blogs and my techie son lives in another country! If I get to the stage of starting to write a book I would imagine that I would have to embrace these outlets. Good luck!

    • Hi Isobelle, thanks for good wishes. It certainly took me a long time to come round to using social media. That said, it’s not nearly as scary as I thought – although I have no idea about these next techie steps but nothing ventured nothing gained etc ;o) very best, Marianne

  2. Ruth F Hunt says:

    Hi Marianne,
    Looking forward to your book in January!
    This tip sounds really useful – and something I’ve been thinking about since reading it on Belinda’s blog.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

    • Thanks, Ruth. I find Belinda’s – and Molly’s – blog really informative and helpful. I have been meaning to make changes for a long time and think the time has come to at least try! Hope you have a lovely Xmas too 🙂

  3. Molly Greene says:

    Marianne, thank you so much for the mention! I’m thrilled my blog and book have helped, and I offer huge congratulations on your books published to date, plus all the best for your upcoming title. So much to do, so little time! 🙂

    • You are very welcome and thanks for good wishes:) As I’ve said I’m bit of a neo-luddite and I find a lot of the social media stuff overwhelming so it is such a relief to find good, downright helpful information about it! Not that I’ll necessarily be able to follow all, or even half of the advice and suggestions, BUT I won’t know until I start ;o)

  4. Katie says:

    Hi Marianne.

    Great tips and blog post. I look forwards to your book in Jan.

    Have a lovely Christmas.


  5. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,
    I have to admit to being somewhat of a luddite too–I even have the same phone as you ;-). I found your blog post really helpful and encouraging. The social media world is something I need to come to grips with too, especially as my novel will be coming out soon! I will definitely make a point of reading Molly Green and Belinda’s blogs over the coming weeks to get some inspiration for my own (something I’ve been meaning to start for a long time but which keeps getting put off). I’ve even decided to make the marketing of my novel part of my editorial project at university next semester (hey, may as well get some credit for doing something I need to do anyway 🙂 ).
    I’m looking forward to reading your next novel! It will be great to have it to look forward to after the holidays.
    Have a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for all your help and support.
    All best wishes,

    • Hello phone buddy!! ;o)
      Thank you for such kind words. If the blog post makes you feel encouraged, even in a tiny way, then my job done 🙂 🙂 I am sure you will embrace social media and take it all in your stride. The good thing is there is lots of advice out there if you take the time to find it and read it – although finding the time is not always that easy, so i suppose it is about making the time. Good luck with all, including the uni project, it sounds a great idea. And I’m looking forward to reading your book when it comes out next year!!! Have a great festive holiday!

  6. Marianne, meeting people like you is one of the joys of the modern book marketing phenomenon! Can’t wait to see your new landing page.

    I had a phone just like that until the faceplate fell off 2 years ago. Keeping it attached with a rubber band became a foolish exercise after a while, and I now have an iPhone and became ADDICTED to it in about one week. (beware…)

    I’ve been blundering around for a few years trying to figure out various things in this Brave New World. When something works well, I try to remember it so I can repeat it. That old quote is trite but true: He who never made a mistake, never made anything.

    Err boldly. It’ll be fun. 😉

    • Awe, thank you, Belinda. I agree, the very best thing about using social media is the new friends you make 🙂 I am resisting an iphone but i dont know why, maybe because i think I will become addicted? Ha ha! As for boldly going, I hope I will learn from my mistakes ;o)

  7. Louisa Dang says:

    Thanks for the tip, Marianne! I will be sure to check out Molly and Belinda’s work! I was also very hesitant at first to try Twitter, having a prejudice against “new” and “popular” technologic things! But now I love it and have met several nice writers by using it. My next goals are to set up a Facebook page for my books and to figure out Pinterest!

    • You are very welcome. I think to know how to use social media well requires some time and usually “time” is what writers don’t have a lot of! Ha! But it does seem worth the effort. Good luck with Facebook and Pinterest. I don’t much like Facebook, I don’t know why exactly, but I love Pinterest even though I hardly use it.

  8. I’m a huge fan of blogging, Twitter and Pinterest (as you may have worked out)! Being active in online social media is probably the only reason my Etsy shop is successful and it’s helped me as a writer as well. However I know i could do a lot more, really focussed stuff if for example my novel ever gets published. So this article is really useful, thanks

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