What do you do to de-stress?

When I want a break from writing I like to go for a walk. I especially love “luxuriating” in the smells and sounds of woods.  Some people call this “forest bathing” or “shinrin-yoku.” I talk about “shinrin-yoku” and  the importance of  getting away from  it all – especially our keyboards – in this week’s Crime Readers’ Association blog: (Move Away From The Keyboard!). Please do go have a look 🙂

However, there is one thing I  forgot to mention in my CRA post, so I’ll do so now. Remember in May, I told you that my daughter got Mossy the puppy, yes? Well since then three things of note have happened.

1: The number one son-in-law-to-be proposed to Josée, the number one daughter 🙂


2: The happy couple, plus Mossy, who is now the size of a small wolf, have moved  in with us while they build their own home (I have written about this wonderful happening here in the lovely Leither Magazine : 2 People, a Puppy and a Parcel of Land).


3: Daughter Josée has started a dog walking venture called Josée’s Happy Hounds – she has always loved those darn dogs!




Josée’s main thing is to take small groups of city dogs on “wild walkies” ie: walks in woods, up and down hills, along streams and beaches. A kind of shinrin-yoku for dogs. And I sometimes go with her. When I do, we are – as you can imagine – accompanied by two or three or four dogs. While we’re ambling, or hiking as Josée doesn’t tend to do ambling, I’m replenishing my much deleted attention; getting the benefit of de-stressing by being with nature; and stimulating my sleeping creative subconscious (for more details on what I mean by all this stuff see the CRA post!), but I am also enjoying the company of my lovely  daughter and her wonderful dogs! So, what I forgot to say on my CRA blog post is that while shinrin-yoku  is good, it is even better when shared with others 🙂






So, if you are a writer, what do you do to unwind from the keyboard? If you are a reader, what do you do to de-stress?

Do you agree that getting away from the civilived world for a few hours is good for  us?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so do please take a peek at the CRA blog and leave a comment here and/or there. And if Like that Facebook button and/or  share on Twitter etc,  you will receive my undying appreciation 🙂



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12 Responses to What do you do to de-stress?

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Marianne.

    Great post and photos… Congrats to your daughter on her engagement too. 🙂

    I agree it’s important to have time away from the key-bored and writing… I like to meditate and let my mind go wherever it pleases for a little while. It’s a great way to de-stress and follow a few characters at the same time…. Also at time listen to music and watch a few movies. Sometimes me and Jessie will take a walk she likes a lot. 🙂 Also having a good old natter with a friend is very de-stressing too I find.

    I hope you’re well.


  2. Thanks for congrats for the happy couple, Katie. I never thought anyone got married these days, never mind get engaged – just shows you what I know ;o) I’m glad you also agree about getting away from the keyboard. I think “having a break” from our daily routine is vital for our well being, never mind our creativity etc. I really love all the science stuff, though, about “forest bathing”, probably because I love walking in the countryside. The researchers even say that just looking at green spaces ( like trees out of an office window), can be positive. I wonder if having pot plants around the house can also help? I digress! I am also into nattering BIG TIME – having six sisters and two brothers lends itself to gossip 😉 Thanks again for comment, Katie, and for giving me that title for the CRA blog post ;o)

    • Katie says:

      Hi Marianne.

      Ha! My Nan always say that, ‘no one get married these day’ I agree a few hours or even a day away can help as long as you’re doing something you enjoy and not pining after the keyboard. I do think that clearing ones mind in whatever way help you is great. ‘Forest bathing’ sounds great I enjoyed your other blog post too. I don’t think in my case plants would help me as I get hayfever, but I can see how it might help someone that like plants and the woods etc..

      Yes me too I love a good natter and with sister and friends there’s always a chance for a good old natter. I bet it’s fun having a big family to natter with. 🙂

      My pleasure Hun… I hope you have a lovely week.

      Take care.

  3. Marianne, I love nature and I love dogs. What could be better? And I love seeing Mossy again. My, how quickly they grow!

    My favourite de-stress is also a walk, but it can be hard to do in Brisbane in summer due to the heat. I tried walking at 6.30am yesterday and gave up after 10 minutes, too hot!! It’s lovely walking here in winter though.

    And one of the things I really love while out walking is to hear some of the “big tree” birds singing. The sound of currawongs (you’ll have to google that to hear their song) transports me back to childhood camping trips.

  4. Hi Belinda, that is some heat! One sister lives in Sevilla in Spain and the summer temperaturs sound similar! She says walking in spring and winter is great though 🙂

    Oh yes, bird song is lovely. Will look up currawongs … can’t even imagine what their song sounds like but with a name like currawong it has to be spectacular! We’re starting to hear Robins singing now coming into winter, which is lovely.
    (Just heard the cuurawong, wow, very distinctive! looks a wee bit scary tho ;o)

  5. Ruth Hunt says:

    Hi Marianne!
    How lovely to be spending time with your daughter – her business looks great, I hope it does well! Just like you with the dog, I find my cat great for calming me down, and if I’m floundering, I now have a routine I must adhere to, otherwise she will be upset! I also find listening to usic helps.

    • Hi Ruth, it is lovely and long may it last 🙂 A routine is really helpful, isn’t it? I write much better when I have a routine. And having a pet that needs looked after does help, apart from having the company of a non-judgemental animal chum ;o)
      Cheers, Ruth.
      ps I like music sometimes, it depends on what stage I am at in the writing process. Editing = music 🙂

  6. Ruth F Hunt says:

    Forgot to add congratulations for your daughter getting engaged as well as what a great crime writing blog post – lots of tips and insights. Finally, yes, I did mean music!

  7. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,
    Thanks for the wonderful blog post–and a big congratulations to your daughter on her engagement, new business and on building her own home! It sounds like she has some great adventures ahead of her. I hope all goes well. Congratulations to you too on acquiring a son-in-law. 😉

    I love to get away from my keyboard too. I try to go for walks somewhere quiet as often as I can to clear my mind. If they can be outside the city, even better. I think looking at wide open spaces can be helpful (maybe even essential) when you’ve spent a long time at the computer thinking. Escape is important for creativity I think.

    I loved the photos of your daughter, and the dogs–lovely!

    I also come from a large family, I have four siblings, and find that talking on the phone for hours does wonders to clear my head. Mind, I have to be careful as I can literally spend whole days doing this!

    I will catch up with the CRA blog soon. I look forward to it!

    All best wishes,


  8. Awe, thanks for kind words, Kendra. It’s a funny thing to live with your grown up children again (plus partner and dog) especially after you’ve got used to them not being around, but its all good. And a wedding too ! Woo hoo! Seriously never expected the rebel daughter to go and do that – or the dog walking/training stuff! But why not? ;o) As for catching up with the family gossip – yep, that requires stamina! Ha ha ha!
    Thanks, again, Kendra 🙂

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