Delighted to be a featured author for the Crime Readers’ Association!

The Crime Readers’ Association (The CRA)

The CRA was set up by the Crime Writers’ Association to give readers news and information from their favourite authors along with tips for beginners working in the genre. So, if you love reading crime fiction, and/or are an emerging crime writer, why not consider joining? It’s free and all members receive a regular newsletter as well as editions of the CRA magazine – Case Files.



Featured Author

Every month the CRA invites different crime authors to be their “featured author”. Each Friday of the month the said featured author chats on the blog about stuff to do with books and writing. It’s all really interesting stuff. And, as it happens, this month I am the CRA’s featured author! Yay! I’d love it if you popped over and took a look at their blog.  You’ll also get heaps of appreciation (and Brownie points) if you also “like” that little Facebook button and share on Twitter! But I’d especially love to hear what you think about the posts, so do leave a comment on the CRA blog – that might just get you a gold star 😉


The Crime Readers' Association

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10 Responses to Delighted to be a featured author for the Crime Readers’ Association!

  1. How exciting, Marianne. Congratulations!

  2. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,

    That’s fantastic! Congratulations! This sounds like an interesting organisation. I’ll head over there now and have a read. 🙂

    All best wishes,

  3. Kendra says:

    Hi again,
    Just to say I really enjoyed your blog posts on the CRA website. I tried leaving a comment but the website wouldn’t let me, it said the blog post was closed to comments. Do you know if you need to be a member to comment?

    • Hi Kendra,
      Thanks for good wishes and glad you enjoyed the reads! And a very big thanks for also trying to leave a comment on the CRA blog. And, oh heck, I don’t know if you do need to be a member to leave a comment. (I didn’t think so but I will check again and let you know.) I do know, though, that the site was a bit funny earlier in that the facebook button and twitter icons had vanished but they seem back now! It could well have been a temporary blip. It is very cheeky of me, I know, but if you didn’t mind very much, could you try again? No hassle if you’t not got the time, you’ve got yourself a gold star ;0)

  4. Katie says:

    Hi Marianne.

    How exciting congrats Hun. 🙂

    Take care.

  5. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,
    I tried leaving a comment again after I sent you the message on here. It said my comment to the latest blog was posted (the one from yesterday) but it still hasn’t appeared. For the blog from week before (7th Nov) it says that comments are now closed. I don’t know why they would be closed, but that’s what it says.
    Good luck!

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