Only in France …

photo 1-1We are still in France. On the way to the dump with our DIY rubbish we came across the above. The sign says ‘trolly of wooden off-cuts for sale, 9 euros!’ Well, apologies to all my French relatives and friends, but only here could you buy a shopping trolley full of landfill – those off-cuts were not wood!  The stuff we were dumping was better than the stuff on sale so, no, we didn’t buy it ;o)

Luckily there are lot of other lovely things about being in France which more than make up for some of the more unusual stuff. Such as the view of the collared dove from our bedroom window …


the vines …


and the flowers …




and not forgetting the donkeys, of course ;o)

donkey 2


ps:  btw the bathroom is almost finished, the big unveiling coming soon!

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11 Responses to Only in France …

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Marianne.

    Great blog post… Cute donkey!!

    I hope all is well and the bathroom renovations are going good.

    Take care.


    • Thanks, Katie. The donkey is sweet, isn’t it. There are a lot of donkeys in this area – the Charente donkeys traditionally used to wear trousers (!) which is also pretty cute. Anyway, the bathroom going slowly, but more than halfway. Yahoo!

      • Katie says:

        Hi Marianne

        The Donkey sure is adorable… Reminds me of the donkey my sister sponsored when she way younger. Ha! wear trousers bless, that must of made a lot of people go Awww!!

        I’m glad your bathroom is getting there, great news. 🙂

        Take Care.


  2. Louisa Dang says:

    Love the photos, especially the donkeys! Wish I was in France, too!

    • Thanks, Louisa. I never thought I’d take pictures of donkeys but they were aunty sue’s favourite animals so I started to take more and more notice of them and now I’m hooked and I’ve got loads more photos – ha ha ha! I am sure you would love France!

  3. Ruth F Hunt says:

    Great photographs and post, Marianne.
    I seem to remember having a toy donkey from France when younger!
    Your post making me feel excited for my short holiday towards end of September, where I will be practising my rusty French!

    • Thanks, Ruth. I’m turning into a bit of an animal softy. I just need to see the nose of puppy or foal or baby donkey etc and I have to reach for my hanky – it could be my age 😉 Oh, where are you going in France?
      A tout à l’heure!

  4. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,

    Thanks for a great blog post, with wonderful photographs. I like the donkey too, but the flowers are also nice. I hope the bathroom is continuing to go well too.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Kendra, lovely to hear from you. The bathroom has been and gone and now working on kitchen. To be honest, you can get too much of DIY, even in France, or especially in France where everything is ten times the price of the equivalent stuff back home, nothing is in stock and no one delivers when they say they will! Ha! Ha! But still managing to get some editing done and enjoying the blue skies when it is not raining – it’s the wettest August in a trillion years, apparently ;o) How is your writing going?

  5. Joy Claridge says:

    Hi Marianne,
    Love the pics of France – the menu sign tickled me – looking forward to bathroom pics soon xx

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