Help! A puppy in the house!

I have a writer friend who says that when she is writing she has one rule: no interruptions. The only exceptions are for fire, flood or blood. Woe betide anyone who interrupts her for any other reason. I admire such fierce determination to get the writing done. It is what I strive for because, even though I also hate for my writing routine to be disturbed, if truth be told, I am  a bit of a writing softy.

When my son calls me at 11 am from a pub, where a kind publican has let him use his phone because said son has somehow locked himself out of his flat while putting out the recycling, in his sweats (pyjamas to you and me), hence he has no phone and no money, I don’t mind stopping to go and help. Ditto, when my daughter’s car won’t start and she’s running late, I am happy to take her to where she is going. Equally, I think it’s okay for me to stop writing to collect elderly aunties from  hospital and to take them homemade soup and family gossip when they are safely back home. It is also okay to stop for impromptu lunches with chums and  go on unexpected walks  on rare sunny days. And now there is a new reason for me to step away from the keyboard: meet Mossy, my daughter’s new border collie pup, nine weeks going on eighteen weeks, making my husband and I puppy grandparents and our home a puppy nursery!



What can I tell you about Mossy? She is as sharp as tack and as quick as lightening and as cute as a button. She already knows her name, is virtually toilet trained and can sit when you say sit. Yes, she is a genius. She is, however, like all good border collie pups, a tad rumbustious and LOVES to chew on chair and table legs and nip ankles and hands. So, if you have a healthy suggestion for stopping Mossy generally gnawing furniture and flesh, we would LOVE to hear it. In fact, any other puppy training tips will be appreciated because until this puppy learns she’s not Jaws or Hannibal Lecter, or the boss, I can predict many more unexpected hours away from the keyboard. HELP!


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