Calling all writers and bloggers and lovers of France and all things French …

The Good Life France Writing Competition 2014

writing competition 2014

Those of you who follow my blog will know how much I love France and that my other half is part French and that we visit  France often. So, I am especially delighted that the online creative writing school,,  has been invited  to support  The Good Life France‘s wonderful writing competition  – I am the co-director of, which I founded in 2002. You can read about how that came about here

There is no entry fee for the competition and some fabulous prizes – including a top prize of a ten week online creative writing course from, yes, you guessed it,  WritingClasses! 🙂

The Contest: Your entry should be about France or French related and it is entirely up to you what you write about. Perhaps you’d like to write about your favourite place in France, where you live in France, your memories of France, the first time you saw the Eiffel Tower, gastronomy, a festival or event, culture, history, a French icon… maybe you’ve never even been to France but you dream of visiting… if it’s about France or French related, The Good Life France  would love to hear from you.


How to Enter: Write an article of up to 1000 words. The post should be sent as a word document.  The Good Life France encourage you to make your submission online as early as possible before the deadline. (See The Rules for more information on how to enter).


The Good Life France would  love you to include images to illustrate your blog post but they have a BIG library of photographs to help if you’d like that. If you use someone else’s photo, please get permission and tell them who to credit. (For more information see The Rules).

P1030959 Send your entry to – she’ll notify you if you make the short list for the jury to discuss and judge.

The deadline for receipt of entries is: Friday 11th April

The winners will be announced: 28th April

sign For more  information and al the rules and regulations go to the lovely The Good Life France’s website:




barbroante What you waiting for ? 🙂 


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10 Responses to Calling all writers and bloggers and lovers of France and all things French …

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    I won’t be going in for the competition because, as you know, I have already done two of your great classes – but I wanted to tell everyone what a fabulous prize it is. Our family will be holidaying in France to La Roque Gageac in the Dordogne this summer. It is the first French holiday we’ve had in years and I am so excited about it (it also means no flying which is a bonus.)

    • Thanks for lovely support, Wendy, and have a fabulous holiday when it comes. And even though it is only March, like you, I am already excited about going back to France (and Charente Maritime) in July. Bring on the summer 🙂

  2. Ruth Hunt says:

    Hi Marianne,
    What a great competition! I love France soon and last year had a lovely short trip to stay in the artists quarter in Paris as well as holidays in the south of France throughout my life. I may have a go, if I can get these rewrites done. Or maybe to do something different while I am rewriting! 🙂

    • Hi Ruth, it is a good comp, isn’t it? Very straightforward. I’m even tempted myself, i have so many things I could say about la belle France – and I quite fancy one of the runner up prizes ;o)

  3. Will definitely try to think up something for this. it’s years since I’ve been to France but I read French novels and watch french films so may be able to put something together….

    • Hi Juliet, oh yes, I love French films and French novels ( I can only read translations )… oh, but I did not like The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. Maybe it was lost in translation! Good luck with the competition if you do it ( you, too, Ruth!)

  4. Bonjour Marianne! What a great idea and a great competition. I love the way you British Isles people are always “popping over to France”. Makes me jealous. Popping over to France requires 24 hours in the concertina position in a stuffy airborne tin can for those of us in the Antipodes, as well as remortgaging the house to pay $2500 for the airfare. 😉 Ah well. Perhaps I’ll pop over to NZ instead… and I’ll definitely tweet your post in the meantime. 🙂

    • Salut Belinda! Yes, we are very lucky having so many different countries to be able to visit so very close, although we actually think they are very far away – anywhere over a couple of hundred miles away really requires an overnight stay! LOL! It also always amazes me how we Europeans are so very different from each other despite almost living on top of each other – or maybe that closeness is what makes us so different?! Who knows? But we certainly do LOVE France 🙂
      Thanks for kind offer to share comp via twitter 🙂

  5. Marc Hawey says:

    Bonjour Marianne,
    for my first oversea travel,I visited France in 1989…It is an interesting country to visit.Many people from Québec have roots in France.
    But I liked so much my travel in Scotland last year,I am planning an other visit this year….I would like to visit some islands like Mull,Skye and Shetlands.I feel very comfortable in Scotland…I am proud to have my roots in Scotland (Hawey).
    Best regards

    • Salut Marc,
      oh yes, we Scots and French (whether French Canadian or France French) have always got on well, think it goes back to that Auld Alliance 😉
      Have a lovely return trip to Scotland!

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