calling all women writers (and readers)

I was recently invited to write a guest post ( Let Me Tell you Why I Write) on the very excellent online writing magazine Women Writers, Women Books.

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Women Writers, Women, Books is an online literary magazine by and about contemporary women writers.

Women Writers, Women, Books at was launched in 2011 to be another platform for contemporary women writers and authors around the world writing in English. Our mission is to encourage and promote the visibility of women writers. We are particularly interested in the edges, the intersections between genres, nationalities, languages, arts, cultures… We are interested in giving opportunities to unknown writers to be published, as well as publishing posts by well known authors. Though the website name is, contributors do not have to have published a book, or even be writing a book to be considered. The only criteria is that she be a woman who writes, and that her post be written for our audience specifically, that it be well-written and interesting to read.

If you are a woman writer, submitting your work to Women Writers, Womens Books is an opportunity for you see your writing published in a reputable online magazine. If you are a reader, there is cornucopia of writing in the magazine for you to enjoy 🙂

Do you think there are enough opportunities for women writers to see their work in print – both digitally and in paper? Is an online magazine, such as  Women Writers, Womens Books, still necesarry in 2013 – not forgetting that only last week Wikipedia bumped women from the ‘American novelists’ category, relegating them to a subcategory and clearing space for an all-male main page:

As always, I would love to hear from you,  so do please leave a comment 🙂

Oh, and if you want to know why I write, do click on the link …


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4 Responses to calling all women writers (and readers)

  1. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,
    Thank you for yet another interesting post. I will definitely check out Women Writers, Womens Books. I really enjoyed your column for them too. I feel the same way about writing sometimes, it’s a gamble and I’m not a gambler either. I’ve recently finished my first novel and am going to start on the rewriting stage soon. I’m partly dreading it but I think that once I start it won’t be so bad.
    Re: markets for women’s writing, I’m not sure about this. I know about Mslexia which publishes women’s writing but I don’t know of many others which specifically publish women’s writing. Do you know of others?

    • Lovely to hear from you, Kendra. I don’t know of many other markets that focus only on women writers. I think the ones that exist like Mslexia and Women Writers, Women Books do a great job, it’s just a pity we need them in this day and age.
      Good luck with the rewriting! I always think of rewriting as more dreaded than dreadful – and the funny thing is once I have started and am in the thick of it, I don’t want to stop 😉

  2. Ruth F Hunt says:

    It is indeed a shame that brilliant women writers have to rely on publications such as the one mentioned. Especially considering what exciting, edgy and enthusiastic writing comes from women all over the world. However, what a joy to read a publication that features such great writers together. The sign on the door says ‘women only’ and even though I support equality for all, this seems alright.

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