“Amazon thinks the cities that are most ‘well-read’ are the cities that bought the most stuff from them.”

What happens  in the book world in the US, usually happens in the UK book world next. Here’s an article by Rachel Smalter Hall in Book Riot about an Amazon press release, which lists the “best read” cities in the US (according to Amazon). Should we be worried when Amazon make such statements? As always, it would be great to know what you think 🙂

“If You Didn’t Buy It From Amazon It Doesn’t Count as Reading, Says Amazon.”


“Book Riot is dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are … and the  only thing we like as much as books is talking about books with other readers …”


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3 Responses to “Amazon thinks the cities that are most ‘well-read’ are the cities that bought the most stuff from them.”

  1. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,
    I was disgusted to learn this. It is just another example of Amazon trying to take over the entire book market, particularly in the US, and put smaller companies out of business. I would think that the list of the most literate cities from Central Connecticut State University would be much more accurate as there are quite a few people who get their books from libraries, etc. Also in the US you can borrow ebooks from the library via your Nook. I’m glad that book riot is drawing attention to this issue, and you too.

    • I agree. The way Amazon present the information, which is as if their stats are the facts, is very sneaky and another example of their ruthlessness. I heard the CEO of Amazon talk on the radio one day ( can’t remember his name ) and he was saying how books are their “loss leader”, if you like. In other words they don’t care if they make a loss from book sales (which they will try and avoid, of course), their real aim is to get the book buying customer to use Amazon for all their other shopping. Books are the sacrificial lamb but it is ultimately the bookshops which are going to get slaughtered. If that makes sense!?

  2. Kendra says:

    It does, unfortunately. I’ve heard about this too. The smaller book stores (both online and not) simply can’t take the losses like Amazon can and are dying off because of this.

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