“As long as there is a good story, there will be a book …” True or false?


In today’s  Huffington Post (Books) there’s an interview about the future of the book in print form with film director Vivienne Roumaani of the independent movie, “Out of Print.”  Narrated by Meryl Streep, the film will be making its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 25.

“As long as there is a good story, there will be a book,” says Vivienne Roumani.

Do you agree with her?

Follow the link for the full interview …






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4 Responses to “As long as there is a good story, there will be a book …” True or false?

  1. Ruth F Hunt says:

    I think that this interview was very timely and made perfect sense. One of the problems with the e book market is the lack of gatekeeper, this means utter rubbish is sold time and time again putting people off. I know I’m paying to get my book edited not simply because I want my end product to be as good as it can be and because I don’t believe in shafting people through a poor product. I think my main concern is due to this explosion in e books it’s getting increasingly cut throat and that’s where my worry is. I don’t really mind about not making money as I do believe that money creates more problems in the long run. As long as I can live with myself and eat then I’m happy.
    So yes, a very good interview and I’m looking forward to seeing the film.

    • Hi Ruth, I agree, it is a very timely and thought provoking article and I’ll be looking our for the film too. With traditional “gatekeepers” being squeezed out and everyone and anyone apparently publishing anything in does seem a bit of a rammy out there, but I think readers are discerning and will always work out how to identify the well written good books … it just make take us a while 😉

  2. Kendra says:

    Hi Marianne,
    I thought that was a really interesting article. I hope that there will always be books, no matter what the format of them is. I think there will always be stories, though they may be told in different ways. I could sympathise with Vivienne Roumani when she says that she is concerned that people are spending far less time concentrating on ‘complex material’ and less time with lengthier books and that kids are spending more time in front of computer screens. I think that this is probably leading to shorter attention spans as everything becomes instant and we are constantly bombarded with twitter messages, emails, texts etc many people do not want to take the time necessary to fully interact and engage with a text. Unfortunately I think this does lead to a ‘cheapening’ of the publishing industry (traditional as well as self-publishing) but I agree that readers will find their way around this and are discerning enough to find the books which they will enjoy. Thanks for the interesting discussion.

    • Hi Kendra, I do think there will always be stories and books because we love them so much, but who knows how the book format will develop. I do agree that the way information is delivered may have an impact on how we digest it … and we are becoming lazier and lazier about this, and this is not good when it comes to engaging with lengthier more tricky books. But then again, it could all change in future! A the moment anything seems possible!
      Great to hear from you and thanks for comments 🙂

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