Food of Ghosts is ranked 8th (!!!!!!!!) in the US Amazon Free Kindle Store for Crime


Picture 2 This morning Food of Ghosts was ranked  8th in the Amazon US Free Kindle store for Crime! While I’m not sure how offering a Kindle book free for a day (which is what happened yesterday) can boost  “sales”, I am assured by publisher Pilrig Press that it does and that this is VERY GOOD!

And, if you scroll down, you’ll also see that Food of Ghosts also ranked 88th in the Amazon  UK Free Kindle store for Crime, which is also pretty blooming amazing!  So, this is to say a HUGE  THANK  YOU to all who have bought/downloaded/spread the word about Food of Ghosts! 🙂 🙂

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10 Responses to Food of Ghosts is ranked 8th (!!!!!!!!) in the US Amazon Free Kindle Store for Crime

  1. Kendra says:

    Congratulations Marianne! That’s great, and considering what a good book it is not all that surprising either 😉

  2. Awe, thanks, Kendra. I just couldn’t resist sharing the news! Blatant showing off, I know, but also genuine thanks to all for all the support 🙂

  3. john gray says:

    Fantastic News Marianne! I would have downloaded a free copy but I’ve already bought it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am waiting for the next one to come out. Where will it be taking us to?

  4. That is absolutely fantastic, Marianne! Hearty congratulations to you.

    We shall have to fawn over you and ask for autographs now. 😉

    • awe, thanks so much and ha ha ha 😉 The Amazon ranking is a funny thing. One day you are riding high and the next (more-or-less) its back to business as usual. BUT at least we got that day and it does mean a heck of a lot of people are now reading Food of Ghosts (especially in the US!)
      ps I have had one person ask for my autograph, she was eleven years old. Onwards! 🙂

  5. Ruth Hunt says:

    Brilliant news!

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