Help! Blame My Blog!

As you’ll have guessed I’m pretty much a newbie to blogging. To get an idea of what it is about, I’ve been browsing other writers’ blogs. OMG! Help! You bloggers are twittering and facebooking (and blogging, of course!) 24/7. When do you have time to do anything else – like write that novel and/or take the dog for a walk!? I even came across two writers selling their own ‘tote’ bags, presumably to help promote book sales. It seems a woman (and/or a man) now needs a lot more than “money and a room of her own if she is to write” – and be published!

Well, if that’s how it is, that is how it is. I can do ‘tote bags’, and maybe even pencils and pens? Ha!  As for blogging, I can learn to use twitter and facebook (eventually) and I can be disciplined (I am a writer after all). I’ll type faster and I’ll try and have something new and fresh to say daily – okay, let’s say weekly!

Here is what I have to say this week: I have just come across Nicola Morgan’s brilliant blog Help I Need A Publisher.

She writes with refreshing honesty and candour about writing and publishing. She is going to be speaking about her new book Write To Be Published at Blackwell’s Bookshop South Bridge here in Edinburgh on Thursday the 16th June (for details contact Ann Landmann on 0131 622 8222 or


I will let you know how the event goes and what her book is like. If her blog and her other books (Blame My Brain) are anything to go by, I expect Write To Be Published to be full of information, downright helpful, as well as witty and clever and engaging! It will be interesting to compare it to the new ‘creative writing’ book The Art of Writing Fiction by Andrew Cowan (academic and novelist), which is also due out in May and coming to me in from Pearsons the publishers then. It also looks promising! Will the books be very different?  Will one be better than the other? I’ll let you know!

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2 Responses to Help! Blame My Blog!

  1. Cathy Harris says:

    I feel your pain Marianne. I recently suggested someone should write a blog at work about the fun activities my company invests for the staff every month. Ofcourse I was nominated for the honour! I have barely mastered Facebook and Twitter terrifies me still. So next on my agenda is to do some of that blog research you mention. As for my own writing I am intrigued by ‘the crabbit old bat’ and what I have read on her website. I think this book may very well be my next purchase, with any luck her words will ‘whip me into shape’

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      HI Cathy
      great to hear from you and thank you for being my very first … eh, ‘blogger visitor’? Whatever, you are very welcome :o)
      And, yes, I think Nicola’s website is very helpful and I have a copy of her book here in front of me. If it’s as good as it appears at first glance, I think I will be recommending it to everyone who wants to improve their writing – and get a very good understanding of the publishing world! I now have both Nicola’s book Write To Be Published and The Art of Writing Fiction by Andrew Cowan, also just recently published. I will be posting a review of them both in the not too distant future. Thanks again!

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