My first Very Inspiring Blog Award!

A big thanks to Wendy and Anne for nominating me for my first ever  “Very Inspiring Blog Award.’ I am very honoured and double thrilled to be nominated twice. It’s a lovely way to continue  2013 after having started it with the dreaded norovirus!

As part of being nominated,  I have to tell readers 7 random facts about myself. Yikes! Okay, here goes …

1. I like Marmite 🙂

2. My daughter was born in place called Vunapope, which literally means place of the Pope (and is a small mission hospital in Papua New Guinea).

3. I love the sun and hate the cold but live in Edinburgh!

4. I left home at 17 to be a nanny in Germany.

5. I like listening to Radio4 Extra.

6. I have two brothers and six sisters.

7. I’ve just been reading books by  a US crime writer called Tony Hillerman. The novels  are set in the Southwest of the US and the main detectives are Navajo Tribal Policemen and – and women. I’ve really enjoyed the novels. They are great crime stories but you also learn about the incredible Navajo culture.


And now I have to nominate 15 other blogs/bloggers for this award and give links to their blogs. Here goes … they are all worth checking out and definitely deserve the award :o)


Juliet Wilson and her two wonderful blogs  Crafty Green Poet Blog and Shapepshifting Green

Louisa J.Dang ‘s brilliant blog on Southern Writing in the US, A Southern Writer’s Network 

Jacqui Mehring and her great new art/craft blog Studio Tempera

Kath Middleton and her  excellent  5 star reviews at Ignite Books

Gareth  Watkins and his wonderful crime fiction reviews on Killing Time

Samrana and her clever crafty blogs  Strawberries and Buttercups  and BurstofBubbles

Aunty Emily and her wonderful blog on everything Aunty Emily

Lorna (AKA Gypsie Writer) and her entertaining blog Gin and Lemonade with a Twist

Marita Rose and her refreshingly honest blog on being one half Australian and one half Kiribati The Little Island that Could

FC Malby and her blog on all writing related things

Rhian Davis and Aurelio (as in Aurelio Zen, I think!) and her absolutely great crime fiction blog It’s A Crime 

Chris Simmons and another clever crime fiction blog  Crime Squad 

Garrick Webster and, yes, another cool crime fiction blog   CrimeFictionLover

And don’t forget to check out Wendy’s great blog Wendy’s Writing Now, which is full of tips and advice from her writing life – and  dancing!  And Anne’s blog too, of course, about her story behind the writing of her latest book (and a little bit more) A Blond Bengali Wife!


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4 Responses to My first Very Inspiring Blog Award!

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow! Two brothers and six sisters – that must have been a houseful when you were growing up! I shall have a look at some of the blogs you’ve nominated -they sound really interesting (especially Auntie Emily).

  2. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    It was a houseful, it was :o)

  3. Thank you so much for this award, its always great to receive them :). I love your facts and its nice to learn a little more about a person 🙂

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