sunshine on The Blue Suitcase:)

I apologise now for this unashamed boasting but on Sunday I got TWO wonderful reviews for The Blue Suitcase. And the reviews couldn’t have come at  a better time. Why? Well, the thing about us writers, is that we are notoriously lacking in self belief.  So, despite the great sales of The Blue Suitcase to date, and the numerous listings in the top ten for Kindle Sales  (under Family Relationships), the closer it’s been getting  to the launch date of Food of Ghosts, my new crime novel, the more convinced I’ve become that I can’t write. But the arrival of these two lovely reviews have made me think that maybe, just maybe, I can write. Maybe, just maybe, Food of Ghosts is a half decent story. And maybe, just maybe, someone out there will read it and like it. So, thank you to Kath from Ignite Books and Juliet from Over Forty Shades for finding the time to read The Blue Suitcase  and for going to the trouble of reviewing it.  And thank you to everyone else who has written to me since the launch of The Blue Suitcase (nearly two years ago now) and/or posted a review to say how much you enjoyed  it. Apart from helping boost sales, which is always great, you have made the difference to me :o)

So, for those  of you who haven’t read The Blue Suitcase, and for those of you who have,  here, hot of the press, are snippets from the latest reviews.  This  first one is  from Ignite Books (Five star reviews for books published on the Kindle) by Kath Middleton:

Kath Middleton, Ignite Books

The Blue Suitcase is the story of Antonia, a girl growing to womanhood in Silesia, then part of Germany, in the 1930s and 40s. We see the rise to power of Hitler and his insidious beliefs from the viewpoint of her family members. It divides the family …

Through the diary of Antonia, and family letters, we watch a gradual slide become all out terror and follow the lives of people who are forced to live in brutal conditions to survive as they try to stave off the Russian attacks…

The writing is spare and factual and all the more hard-hitting for that…

I found that reading the young girl’s viewpoint with the hindsight of one who knew the outcome of the war made for a gripping read. Some books stay with you. This one certainly will.

To read the full review do go to Ignite Books blog. And I thoroughly recommend checking Ignite Books if you are looking for some good recommendations for your Kindle :o)

The second review can be found on the  Over Forty Shades blog (poetry, photos and reviews from Crafty Green Poet) by Juliet Wilson:


Juliet Wilson, Crafty Green Poet

Lots of novels have been written about the Second World War. Very few of them though are told from the point of view of ordinary German people …

Told in the format of a diary, the novel follows Antonia from 1932 when she was 12, growing up in Silesia, a part of Germany that is now in Poland and ending in 1946, when she leaves Germany to start training as a nurse in the UK.

The diary format works brilliantly, you can sense Antonia’s growing maturity, from her self centred attitude to her 12th birthday meal being disrupted through her unsuitable friendship with Liesl and Rolf who are the only children to befriend her when she first moves away from the town of Breslau (now Wroclaw) to a small village to her later forced labour helping to build the city defences during the siege of Breslau …

This compelling and moving novel is essential reading for anyone who wants to see how the Second World War affected ordinary German families.

To read the full review do go to the Over Forty Shades blog. You’ll also find lots of other fascinating stuff there. It’s well worth a visit.

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6 Responses to sunshine on The Blue Suitcase:)

  1. Wendy says:

    Well done on the great reviews, Marianne. I am still awaiting my copy of The Blue Suitcase and am greatly looking forward to reading it.

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Thanks for kind words, Wendy. Sorry to hear you’ve not received your copy of The Blue Suitcase. If you ordered it with Amazon, they are being very funny just now – they say the book is not in stock, when it is, and promise to send it when they have it, but then don’t. We’re looking into it. Meanwhile,to be sure to get it I’d recommend cancelling your order with Amazon and ordering it through Pilrig Press directly or via Amazon’s and click oj Pilrig Press option. Or, if have you ordered it for a bookshop and it wasn’t in stock, it should arrive soon? If you’ve ordered it through Pilrig Press, I’ll chase it up.
      Sorry, if that sounds confusing, I just hate to hear you’re having to wait for your copy! Thanks again for good wishes, hope the writing is going well you’re enjoying seeing your stories in print 🙂 (scroll down for The Blue Suitcase)

  2. Thanks for the link, I really enjoyed reading The Blue Suitcase and always happy to review !

  3. john gray says:

    Fantastic reviews Marianne. I have now ordered three copies directly from Pilrig press as I will be giving them to my family and friends as Xmas presents. I read your book last year and really enjoyed it. I have also ordered an advance copy of your next book, Food of Ghosts. Crime is my favorite type of fiction. Good luck with the launch.

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Thanks for this, John. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading The Blue Suitcase and a big thanks for buying more copies and spreading the word! I hope you find Food of Ghosts equally as interesting! Cheers:)

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