Shaken, not stirred: Global James Bond Day!

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Hello All

the film company behind the 007 franchise has designated today Global James Bond Day – as you do!

This started me thinking about films adapted from books and how, after watching and enjoying the Bond films, I tried to read a Bond book – I can’t remember which one now. But, and at the risk of offending lots of people, for which I apologise now, I thought the book was misogynistic, sexist twaddle and was pretty disappointed. So, here’s the question, have you ever enjoyed a film (that has been adapted from a book) and then rushed to read the book, only to be disappointed with it – or vise versa ie: read the book then been disappointed by the film?

To thank everyone who makes a comment on my blog, at the end of every month we put your names in a hat and one lucky winner will win a free copy of either The Blue Suitcase or my crime novel, Food of Ghosts (which is due out next month!).

Look forward to hearing from you!

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2 Responses to Shaken, not stirred: Global James Bond Day!

  1. Andy Millar says:

    Well Ms Wheelaghan, I have to take issue with you about this!!
    I’ve read 3 or 4 Ian Fleming James Bond books, and what I would agree with is that the way he writes is very politically incorrect – both in regard to women and racial groups (some of which I had never even heard of – like “chiggers”! in Dr No). So, today, his attitudes today would be completely unacceptable. But, to defend him, that sort of attitude was quite common in the 60’s and only very progressively minded people thought otherwise. Compare him to Mark Twain – lots of racial attitudes and references which are much worse. I dont think he hates women, but he does write about them as sex objects – one dimensional – but is that really that bad? Some bits are very erotic in a raw sort of way, without going over the top. I love the way he describes what JB eats and drinks – really makes you want some! Seriously! I appreciate scrambled eggs much more for having read those books! The fights and violence bits are short and nasty, and just really ring true – not gratuitous. His materialism, (the cars, the watches, the clothes) similarly aren#t gratuitous bling name dropping – you just get the sense he appreciates well made, well designed things. The plots are yes maybe a wee bit far fetched in some cases, I’ll give you that, but not all – From Russia with Love is quite believable.
    The names Millar, Andy Millar!

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Well, hello, Millar, Andy Millar! 😉
      Hm? Okay, you make some very good points and I’ll concede to Bond not being a mysoginist, even if he treats women like sex objects, and I do agree the books were remarkable of their time. And, you’re right, there are a lot of engaging details to do with his eating and drinking and many of the finer things in life, which do bring the book to life. I suppose the most remarkable thing of all, and maybe why Bond endures, is that Fleming manages to make Bond – a cold bloodied killer – respectable, in fact he’s more than respectable, he’s an attractive, enigmatic hero. That takes skill 🙂

      ps – oh yes, is it really that bad to write about women as one dimensional sex objects? Well, I suppose this is how Bond sees them, as objects. In fact, he cannot engage emotionally with anyone. This is fine and good etc but after a while I find his character just a wee tedious and predictable.

      Anyway, really nice to hear from you, Millar, Andy Millar. Your name will go in the hat for the draw at the end of the month to win a copy of either The Blue Suitcase or Food of Ghosts 🙂

      ” He signalled to a waitress and ordered another double bourbon on the rocks. When the wide, chunky glass came, he swirled the liquor round for the ice to blunt it down and swallowed half of it. He stubbed out the butt of his cigarette and sat, his chin resting on his left hand, and gazed moodily across the twinkling tarmac to where the last half of the sun was slipping gloriously into the Gulf.” (from Goldfinger)

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