mum’s house in Wlén before and 90 years after (last pictures from Poland)

It’s two years since The Blue Suitcase was published. When I checked on the Amazon Kindle chart a couple of minutes ago it was listed 32 –  I (still) don’t know how to do a screen shot:

The success of The Blue Suitcase has been remarkable and now my debut crime novel, Food of Ghosts, is due out next month. If Food of Ghosts is half as successful as The Blue Suitcase, I’ll be very happy. It occurs to me, though, that it is probably time I told you a little bit about why I wrote Food of Ghosts, and why I set it on tiny coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific (about as far away as you can get from Scotland before coming back again). So, for now, these are the last pictures to do with The Blue Suitcase. When I next write I’ll be talking about murder and mutilation in the tropics – and Detective Sergeant Louisa Townsend from Edinburgh!

PS: Why these pictures? Well,  I thought those of you who have read The Blue Suitcase may be interested to see a couple of “before and after” photos of Café Concordia, Mum’s home in Lähn (now called Wlén). The sepia  postcard is from the mid to late 1930s and my photos are from a couple of years ago. It was cold but beautiful when we were there. We found the house relatively easily – after almost 90 years it is still distinctive. It was certainly a strange feeling to see it for the first time.



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7 Responses to mum’s house in Wlén before and 90 years after (last pictures from Poland)

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi Marianne.

    Great pics, I will be reading your next book sounds great!!!

    On screen shots here how to do it, go to your start menu find where it say snipping tool it’s normally in accessories then click on it and drag your mouse over what you want to screen shot then release and the pic should come up in a square then you just save it. 🙂

    I learned how to do it only a few weeks ago myself.

    Hope you are well and had a nice weekend.

    Kind Regards


  2. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    Wow, Katie. That’s great. Thanks so much. Very helpful!:)

  3. I just clicked on this link with coming by and I’m so glad I did as this house is amazing and so well looked after. I hope you got to go inside and have a look around to imagine exactly what it was like when your family lived there. I will have to come back tomorrow to have a good look around your blog as I better go to bed now 🙂

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Hi Samrana, so nice of you to visit the blog. We didn’t get in the house because no one was in, which was a pity – though not sure how we would have communicated had someone answered the door!! Talk soon 🙂

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