gnomes as you’ve never seen them before (wroclaw continued …)

gnome at wroclaw jail

If you remember a few posts ago I talked about The Anonymous Passers-by and my visit to Wroclaw in Silesia, Poland. And for no reason other than Wroclaw is a lovely place, here are some more photos from my Wroclaw visit. One of the most popular attractions in Wroclaw are the gnomes (or ‘krasnale’). They are dotted everywhere and some are far harder to to find than others. We only found a few but looking for the gnomes was a great way to discover Wroclaw. Do you know of any other city which has an attraction like this?

Should you be lucky enough to go to Wroclaw (pronounced something like Vrods-wav), check out the brilliant “Wroclaw In Your Pocket City Guide”. It’s online and free and excellent. Here’s what the Wroclaw In Your Pocket people say about the gnomes:

“Although it sounds like little more than a twee tourist gimmick, gnomes have long held a place in Polish folklore, and their current iconic incarnation as symbols of Wrocław actually has a direct correlation to the political climate of the 1980s. Under communism gnomes became the absurdist calling card of the ‘Orange Alternative’ movement – an underground protest movement that used absurdity and nonsense to stage peaceful, yet subversive protests…” To read more follow the link above.


wroclaw town hall



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6 Responses to gnomes as you’ve never seen them before (wroclaw continued …)

  1. Adrienne Allan says:

    What fabulous photographs Marianne. It’s a beautiful place. I loved the stained glass as well as the bronzes. There are lots of beautiful bronze statues in Budapest too.

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Thanks, Adrienne. It really is a lovely place, full of history. I’ve never been to Budapest, it’s on my must see list! 🙂

  2. Adrienne Allan says:

    What fantastic photographs Marianne! It looks beautiful and I have to say I hadn’t heard of Wroclaw before. I love the stained glass as well as the bronzes. There were lots of bronze statues in Budapest too, including an absolutely huge one of Franz Listz with enormous expressive fingers – looking a bit like a wizard from Hogwarts casting a spell. Truly magical!

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      I loved the stain glasses too. They were in the museum of architecture (if I remember correctly), which is not somewhere I would have usually gone but I was in research mode! There was an exhibition in the museum to do with architecture and the German home and I saw my first german ceramic stove, it was not like (I imagined) the one in my mum’s old house.

      I am going to Budapest!!! 🙂

  3. Love the photos, Marianne. And especially the gnomes. The jailed one is my favourite. I’m also glad to see you dressed more appropriately than the lady in the chair beside you. 😉

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      The jailed one is my favourite too. He is actually outside the original old prison. All the gnomes are funny and you come across them so unexpectedly – the political connotation makes them all the more special. As for the woman in the chair – hem, well, it was very cold, even for a Scottish lassie like me, and I think I have five layers on in that pic ( plus my husband’s fleece round my neck, there was never any danger of me discarding any one of those layers! ;o)

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