one year on a big thanks to everyone for 1786 unique visitors in August and a quarter of a million hits this year so far :o)

This time last year I attended a Society of Authors in Scotland (SoAiS) conference, which was all about us writers developing a “social platform” and raising our author profiles, without which we’d apparently not be able to compete.  So, I started this blog and joined google+ and Linkedin and set up a Twitter account. I also went back to using Facebook (though I’m not a big facebook user and after reading this article today, and this one via Women Writers, I’m even more suspicious of it …) and I recently started using Pinterest, which I find a whole heap more fun than Facebook 🙂 And the result of this fledgling project one year later?

The blog has gone from getting 20 unique visitors in its first month to 934 in January to 1786 unique visitors in August (and a quarter of million hits in the year so far). And at last count I had 635 followers on Twitter. Compared to the Stephen Frys of this world this may seem a piddly result but I’m pretty chuffed. We ordinary writers don’t have a lot of time to spend on developing our “social “platforms,” nor can we afford to pay someone to do it for us  (yes, some people do that!). So, it’s a big thanks to everyone who visited the blog and onwards and upwards 🙂

(By the way, I’ve almost stopped using Linkedin or Google+. Does anyone out there like using them and if so, got any tips on how to make the best out of them?)

Has having a social platform raised my author profile?  Certainly, The Blue Suitcase is still doing well and the new crime book, Food of Ghosts, is due out soon and there’s already a lot of interest in that, which is very exciting.  I’m also doing “author” events and interviews all the stuff that is part a parcel of being a writer. Would these things be happening without my having a social platform?  To be honest, I don’t know. But I’ve started now, so what the heck, I’ll do it for another year and see what happens ;o)


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7 Responses to one year on a big thanks to everyone for 1786 unique visitors in August and a quarter of a million hits this year so far :o)

  1. Louisa says:

    Great news, and inspiring for the rest of us authors to keep at this social networking thing! I am slowly plodding away with Twitter and my blog — I enjoy doing them, and am learning a lot about other writers and literature news along the way. I haven’t used LinkedIn much, but from what I’ve heard it is popular in technology/computer fields and is used a lot in job recruiting. Haven’t tried Google yet and probably won’t, as it is all I can do to focus on Twitter and blogging!

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Hi Louisa, thanks for comment. I’m going to give it another year and reassess then because I’m still not sure about this social platform building lark! I recently read about writers who worry they have become addicted to twitter and facebook etc. I can see how that happens. I also read recently that the time spent on social networking and blogging should be: one third on the blog/one third on the title of the blog and one third of your time on sharing it! Hm? I don’t do that! I may try it, that is, if I can find the time ;o)

  2. Katrina says:

    Hi Marianne

    I agree additive they are!

    I joined Facebook and couldn’t really get into it. but when it comes to blogging and forums the hours fly by okay the wee night hours its so easy to get reading and writing.

    I have to say through my fave is blogging because, my blog’s just full of stuff I don’t want to forget or random stuff that in years to come if anything ever happened to me my family can look back on so in that sense it a positive thing.

    I think it the way the world has evolved as now we send email in stead of write letter and video chat loved one instead of having to arrange a whole day to see them and read about the latest books and news so tech has def become more important now a days then when I was a younger.

    I think its great if Authors have a blog because as a reader is nice to read about the person that put there hard work and creativeness into a book and find out if they have another book on the way to look out for.

    Hope your well.
    Kind regards

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Great to hear from you again, Katie. Didn’t know you had a blog, do send us the link to it, I’d love to see it (unless it”s private!) And, yes, I agree, changes in technology have impacted on our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Certainly, as a writer, hiding away in one’s attic, reclusively, are over. Thanks again for dropping by 🙂

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