one of the 95% … (and the end of the edinburgh book festival)

Five things I learnt from interviewing ten authors at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2012:

1. Writers come in all and shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds.

2. Some writers hated school, some loved school.

3. Some writers needed courage to start writing, while others need courage to keep going.

4. All the writers loved writing.

5. 95% of writers have a day job.  (Like Nye Wright, I belong to the 95%  – more on that later.)

ps: It can be pretty bitchy out there, I overheard someone in the press yurt say of one of the writers: “Oh her? She’s no one!”  Miaow!

pps: And, yes, they really do call the tents “yurts”. Below is the inside of the press yurt. It was really quite nice, you could make yourself a cuppa and grab a little pastry while writing your stuff (the alcohol was in the authors’ yurt!).  To conclude, it was lovely to interview the writers and it was great to get a glimpse behind the scenes at the EIBF (Frances in the press yurt was really helpful), but I’m not sure I’ll do it again ;o)


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2 Responses to one of the 95% … (and the end of the edinburgh book festival)

  1. I really enjoyed all your interviews! The press yurt is nice but the author yurt is nicer, not just alcohol but also full meals and really nice chocolates (I read at Story Shop last year and one of the perks is being an official author for the day!).

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Wow! I could have interviewed the authors in the authors yurt, but thought it’d be too noisy. Hm?? I think I’ve missed an opportunity there – or some chocolates at the very least ;o) Glad you enjoyed the interviews.

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