book spine poetry or book spine stories? (and a picture of the rain!)

There’s a great website called Brain Pickings. It’s full of useful information about writing and creativity.  This is where I found out about Book Spine Poetry, which is about piling a bunch of books together in a certain order so the words on the spines make some sense (well, sort of!). I love it. It’s a great way to pass five minutes (when you should be doing something else!).  This book spine poem is from the Brain Pickings  website.

And today, maybe because it’s raining (oops, just heard thunder!), and because, yes, I am procrastinating, and because Edinburgh City Libraries sent out a challenge, and I can’t resist a challenge, I made up some of my own spine poems –  or maybe they’re spine stories? What do you think? Are they stories or poems or a just a bunch of book spines? ;o)

“God’s Gift to woman, kiss her goodbye, send no more roses, something might happen!”

“I’ll take you there, where the bodies are buried.”

“What again?”

Unexplained laughter …

All that I am, another 20 jobs about the house? This is not about me! Life is elsewhere. A terrible revenge.

 After the funeral, Mum and Mr Armitage, all made up, voyage in the dark.

Well, they’re my first attempts. Wouldn’t be difficult to be better than me.  Why not try? I’d love to see some from other people – and so would Edinburgh City Libraries.

Finally, a picture of the rain lashing down outside! Oops, and that’s more thunder …

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2 Responses to book spine poetry or book spine stories? (and a picture of the rain!)

  1. That could be dangerously addictive….

    I like your examples….

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