éolienne (or wind turbines), would you want them in you backgarden? and a couple in white …SIVOUPLAIT!

There are more and more wind turbines in the countryside here in Charente Maritime. Many locals hate them. They say they are unsightly and noisy. They don’t spoil the vista for me but I don’t live here permanently – and there aren’t that many, yet! What do you think? Are éolienne worth it? If you could see them from your back garden, would it make you angry?

Also a few more pics from the area, including some street theatre in Rochefort from the superb Japanese mine artists Nozomi Horie and Takeshi Shibasakimore (their company name is  SIVOUPLAIT). If you ever get a chance to see this couple in white, grab it they were GREAT fun!

Also some photos of “roman” churches, the countryside, food, French plumbing (we had a leak in the house!), another clean toilet in a wonderful Moroccan restaurant in Rochefort (!), and the incredible African musicians/singers Mah Damba from Mali and Eric Aliana from Cameroun. These events in Rochefort were part of a great programme of free events (Sites en Scénes) which take place throughout the region in the summer.


church in Saint Loup


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5 Responses to éolienne (or wind turbines), would you want them in you backgarden? and a couple in white …SIVOUPLAIT!

  1. Adrienne Allan says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m viewing your latest post on my BlackBerry rather than a larger PC screen but I had to look twice to even see the wind turbines! It hadn’t occurred to me that they would be noisy, either. I think there is a kind of elegance to their appearance but I can also see how other people would think they spoil the view. It’s probably fair to say most people would not want them in their vicinity.

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      I was underneath one of the wind turbines. They are huge and surprisingly quiet – although it wasn’t a very windy day. So, I stand corrected, they do not seem noisy at all! That will teach me to listen to hearsay! ha!

  2. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    Yes, I like the old and the new side by side, but, as I said, I don’t live here full time 🙁 I’ve been thinking about what everyone is saying about the noise thing, and later today I’m going to have wee cycle to one of the wind turbines that is relatively close and check that out! Will let you know how I get on! Thanks for comment! 🙂

  3. JF says:

    Enjoying these photos from France. Thanks. Hope you got your plumbing problem sorted.

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