getting my stuff done … (or not!)

A writing student recently asked me why we writers tend to procrastinate so much. I said I think procrastination is not just about putting off unpleasant tasks, but to do with avoiding facing our fears. But I’ve been thinking about this ever since. Was I right? What do I know? What is procrastination exactly? Why are we unhappy after we’ve put off doing something but still continue to put things off? Could putting things off actually help the creative process in some way? And then I read today’s posting on the brilliant Brain Pickings website! The phenomenon that is procrastination is looked at from five different perspectives and some of my questions are answered.  Yeh hey!  So if you’ve ever wondered why we humans go to such great lengths to avoid getting certain stuff done, do have a read: What Is Procrastination: 5 Perspectives

“This is the perplexing thing about procrastination: although it seems to involve avoiding unpleasant tasks, indulging in it generally doesn’t make people happy.”  

James Surowiecki

PS: The YouTube clip is episode three from Season Six from Lev Yilmaz’s YouTube sensational Tales of Mere Existence, via Brain Pickings 🙂

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2 Responses to getting my stuff done … (or not!)

  1. Ah, the joy of procrastination, Marianne. (I was going to write this comment yesterday.)

    Sometimes I procrastinate simply out of fear of imperfection, or some other bogeyman.

    Other times I use it as a productivity tool. While trying to avoid a piece of writing that’s scaring me today, I instead do a piece of writing that was going to scare me tomorrow. I slip it in under the radar and, voila, I’ve done something that had to be done! 😉

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Hi Belinda
      I like the idea of fooling myself into getting the scary bits of writing done! Just got to prioritise which bits of writing I want to do tomorrow and which bits today and then switch them. Oops, did I say prioritise? Oh dear … ;o)

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