what again? (six more books…)

These are some of my favourite books on creative writing.

Robert McKee’s The Story is a brilliant book. Not for beginners perhaps and albeit on screen writing but the book offers excellent advice on the art of shaping a story.

John Gardner’s The Art Of Fiction is one of my all time favourites. Not for absolute beginners either but full of downright helpful advice on all aspects of the craft of writing.

Dorothea Brande’s On Becoming a Writer is a classic. It may seem old fashioned now, because it is, but everything she says still stands.

Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is a great classic, full of tips and practical known-how.

David Kaplan’s Rewriting is another excellent book focussing on the art of rewriting and more rewriting.

John Fairfax and John Moat’s The Way to Write is another one of the books that may seem a tad old fashioned now (and may even be out of print) but it’s full of helpful advice, which focusses on figurative language.

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