Little stories….

At the moment, and for the next few days/weeks, I am working  on what TS Eliot called the “frightful toil of sifting, combing, reconstructing, expunging, correcting, testing….” the words of my latest novel (what some call editing!). While concentrating on this, I’d like to share with you blogs I come across that I like.  This first one is a great post from the excellent Thresholds Short Forum by author Nik Perring. I don’t want to reproduce it here without permission so do follow the link, it’s really worth the read. It’s all about flash fiction or “little stories.”

“Story’s the important thing. And to make something brilliant and important isn’t easy, and nor should it be.”

Nik Perring is a writer, teacher of writing, and editor from the UK. His short stories have been published widely in places including SmokeLong Quarterly, 3 :AM and Word Riot. They’ve also been read at events and on radio, printed on fliers and used as part of a high school distance learning course in the US. Nik’s collection of short stories, NOT SO PERFECT is published by Roast Books and is out now. His next collection, ‘FREAKS!’ co-written with Caroline Smailes, will be published by The Friday Project (HarperCollins) in April. Nik’s online home is here and he’s on twitter as @nikperring.

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4 Responses to Little stories….

  1. Louisa says:

    Thanks for the great post, Marianne! Yes, I agree with TS Eliot about the “frightful toil” of revising a novel…frightful indeed!

    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Hey Louisa,
      yes, sometimes it feels like hard labour. On good days though, it can be so good. Sometimes I wonder if I am subconsciously putting off finishing because to finish one book means to get ready to start the next (and to face the dreaded blank page, again!). Onwards!!!

  2. Nik Perring says:

    Hi Marianne

    Thanks for the mention here. Thrilled you liked what I had to say. Best of luck with your edits! And — I’m very pleased to meet you!



    • Marianne Wheelaghan says:

      Hi Nik,
      you’re very welcome. Nice to meet you too – editing ongoing, who knows I may even get to the end of it one day soon!

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