Gone Fishing

I am coming to the end of writing my murder/thriller novel, set on Tarawa, the capital of the Republic of Kiribati, and decided to have a wee tidy up of some of my notes when I found this old photo (I lived there from 1991 to 1996). This fisherman used to keep his boat next to our house. In those days, everything stopped for fishing: if the tide was right, the men were gone.  They’d return twelve hours later, their boats low in the water with the weight of their catch. What fish they didn’t keep for themselves and their families, they sold at the side of the road – yellowfin tuna was a dollar a kilo. We ate a lot of yellowfin  tuna.

Anyone know if it is still like that on Tarawa?

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2 Responses to Gone Fishing

  1. Tekinaiti says:

    I am living now in south Tarawa, I was about six years old when you first came to Kiribati. The thing that moves me to write to you is to thank you for choosing Kiribati as your setting. I haven’t read FOOD OF GHOST but I hope that one day I will have one copy of it. Thank you again and Ti a boo moa.

  2. Hello Tekinaiti, how lovely to hear from you and no thanks necessary. I have wonderful memories of living on South Tarawa and of the many lovely people I met there. I wanted to set my novel there because I think it is such a unique place in so many ways. I hope you do read Food of Ghosts one day and when you do I would really appreciate knowing what you think of it. Ti aboo moa to you too 🙂

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